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To train leaders and organize local churches.


The worship service in the early years of the Church was conducted homes and public places (Acts 20:20). The house was both a place of fellowship and meeting similar to the local synagogues or public worship places. Thus, we read the house of Stephanas in 1 Cor. 1:16, the house of Philemon in Phil. 2, the house of Cornelius in Acts 11:14, the house of Lydia in Acts 16:15, where early Christians met for worship. Moreover, the conversion of one man usually leads his whole family to the faith. This would include his wife, children, servants and relatives living in the house. For this reason we place importance on house churches. There is also a need for meeting public places where there is an opportunity to meet more seekers of the faith.

Susamachar Projects

Some of the ways we gain entrance into the local community is through the introduction of practical projects such as training schools for Tailoring, Adult Literacy Program, Digging Bore-Wells, Building Public Toilets, Feeding Programs for the Children, Practical Computer Training, ect. Along with the spiritual mandate (Matt. 28), Crhsti gave us the social mandates (Matt. 25). Therefore, we are meeting these needs of the community. We have several Children’s Homes where we are able to meet physical, social, and spiritual needs of the children. At least thirty percent of the total population of India (345 million) are under the age of 14.